A range of Free Christmas maths worksheets. Register and download. This page only appears from Mid November until the end of December, then you have to wait another year! http://www.10ticks.co.uk/christmasmathsactivities.aspx?tab=hls New worksheets added each year! Register, log in and these are also in the My User Area.


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Created: Nov 28, 2008

Updated: Dec 8, 2014

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    user avatartestwoodma10 months agoreport

    searched the free Christmas section and found activities just right for my school, thanks.

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    user avatarSonaHerr3 years agoreport

    not sure what all the grumbles are about - some really fun activities that can be used for most of the students at my secondary school

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    user avatarLeanne5814 years agoreport

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    user avatarrobd1915 years agoreport

    http://www.10ticks.co.uk/s_xmas/printables/XmasUK.pdf save people registering, here's the direct link.

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    Why bother advertising this resource as it is so difficult as to be almost impossible to find.