4 weeks planning I've used for my mixed year 3/4 class. It&'s not perfect but good for a starting point :) Happy Planning!


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    user avatarbjmedlock10 months agoreport

    This is just what I need, thank you for saving me so much time! Just wondering what the video in week 1 would have been? Thanks again :)

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    Thank you, your resource has given me lots of ideas to adapt for the story 'The Hidden Forest.'

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    No resources though.....

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    user avatarSarahVale14 years agoreport

    Great to see your approach with differentiation...thank you. Just wondering who or what is TP? I'm not familiar with SC either.

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    user avatarTerargram4 years agoreport

    Thank you for sharing. Interested to know what video you used as I can't see a list of resources anywhere on your plans.