Alien Pairs to 10

This is an interactive resource. Click the weblink to the right of this page to launch it. A simple TESiboard ( ) warm-up game using number bonds. Pupils find all the pairs that add up to 10 as quickly as possible. Drag the aliens into the spaceship and press 'check'. If the combination is correct, the ship will zoom off and another empty ship will appear.


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    user avatargiovanaml24 days agoReport

    My 5 year old got very engaged and competitive, wanting to do it faster.

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    user avatarbethp2215 years agoReport

    Great way for students to practice matching pairs of numbers that make ten. Simple, one-minute task for increasing math fluency. Thanks!

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    user avatarbevevans225 years agoReport

    Great activity for your IWB - pupils will love it!