All KS3 Chemistry Revision Mat Bundle

A collection of resources for revision of all of the KS3 National Curriculum Chemistry content broken down into topics on Acids & Alkalis; Elements, Compounds & Mixtures; Metals; Particle Model of Solids, Liquids & Gases; Rocks & Weathering; Simple Chemical Reactions; and Solutions.

Easily adapted to suit the requirements of your own schemes of work and student ability, each resource is designed to be copied onto double-sided A3 with one side for students to organise their notes on the different sections of the topic and a second side of practice questions. Answers to the questions and exemplar notes are included. The resources meet the requirements of the National Curriculum for science, as well as linking to GCSE content.

Each revision activity takes around an hour to complete and give feedback on. Also suitable as homework, especially for students who find it difficult to organise their revision effectively.


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