This is a unit aimed at KS3 pupils. We start from the rise of Rome to the empire, republic and finally to the Roman roads and Roman gods. There are many worksheets, PPT and PPT for the LA (less able) pupils. The more able copy from the presentation whilst the LA fill in the gaps. Please leave feedback!


  • Ancient Rome.pptx
  • empire handout.docx
  • Story of Romulus and Remus.avi
  • Ancient Rome(1).pptx
  • Ancient Rome.pptx student copy.pptx
  • latins pupil hand out.docx
  • latins teacher copy.docx
  • Rich and poor daily life handout.docx
  • Roman Daily Life pupil handout.pptx
  • Roman Daily Life.pptx
  • Clothes and hair handout.docx
  • Roman Hair and clothes.pptx
  • jep - romans.pptx
  • Diocletian handout.docx
  • homework.docx
  • Nero_Goes_Insane.ppt
  • Roman Emperors.pptx
  • LA pupil copy.pptx
  • Roman Myths and Legends.pptx
  • The ancient Greeks believed that it was not wise to anger the gods.docx

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