Animal Kingdom: Invertebrates Task Cards with PowerPoint Review
35 Invertebrates Task Cards in PowerPoint format PLUS a PowerPoint Review with all the answers to share with your students! So, print and laminate the cards in the size of your choice (1, 2, or 4 per page) in color or black & white to use as traditional task cards. Or, present the cards one at a time, or a few at a time, from the PowerPoint to the whole class. Or, mix it up! You can even use the PPT as a quiz! I like to use the Task Cards throughout a topic of study and then use the PPT Review on the day before the test.

This EDITABLE product includes 5 files:
1. Read This First includes product overview and suggestions for use, contact information, terms of use and image credits.
2. 35 Task Cards in PowerPoint format (each card is one slide), ready to print and laminate in your choice of sizes, in color or black and white. Delete slides you don’t need or add your own in a matching format by inserting duplicate slides.
3. A 35-slide PowerPoint with answers. Perfect for whole-class review after students have completed the Task Cards.
4. Student Answer Sheet, ready to print
5. Teacher Answer Key

Includes characteristics and examples from 9 Major Invertebrate Phyla:
• Porifera
• Cnidaria
• Platyhelminthes
• Nematoda
• Annelida
• Mollusca
• Arthropoda
• Echinodermata
• Chordata

And the following terms:
• asymmetry
• radial symmetry
• bilateral symmetry
• ectothermic
• sessile
• osculum
• cnidocytes
• gastrovascular cavity
• coelom
• mantle
• radula
• exoskeleton
• cephalothorax
• chelicerae
• entomology
• tube feet

Task Cards are great formative assessments, but they can be implemented in many different ways. My Read This First document will give you lots of ideas, but I bet you can think of even more!

Please Note: This product is part of my discounted Animal Kingdom Bundle:

Happy Teaching!
Carla Brooks
Copyright 2015 Science Island
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