Bill of Rights Constitutional Law + 10 Printables + Quiz + Flashcards ~ 92 Pages
The author is a retired lawyer, instructor and textbook author.

1) This is the main powerpoint presentation of Amendments 1-10 of the US Constitution. Included is a quiz with answer key plus flashcards. The following matters are covered with full text and visuals flowing together:

~the signing of the Constitution
~the role of the Federalists and the Anti-Federalists
~Jefferson's suggestion to Madison
~Washington’s letter to Lafayette
~original document Bill of Rights
~James Madison and George Mason in its creation
~passage in Congress and ratification by states
~dormancy in case law until passage of the Fourteenth Amendment
~role in case law in 20th and 21st centuries
~ACLU creation in 1920
~landmark cases for all ten amendments with each amendment having ~its own slide and cases
~polarizing positions on the Bill of Rights (liberals vs. conservatives)

2) Printable handout style image or web posting style image for each of the first ten amendments. Could also be used on bulletin board, virtual or real.
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