BTEC First Diploma/Certificate in Applied Science: Physics

These are early drafts of tasks for the BTEC First Diploma/Certificate in Applied Science (Physics - Unit 1/4) The idea in some cases was to leave the task vague enough that teachers could differentiate them for their own classes by providing additional resources. I would appreciate any comments/thoughts as I am still working on them. Please let me know if you think they are useful!


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  • glenabetts6 years agoReport

    Verry very useful set of resources. Will use to upgrade our BTEC SOW

  • AJF717 years agoReport

    Lots of hard work gone into this. I am the BTEC co-ordinator for science and have several hundred students from year 9 to year 11 studying for the BTEC first certificate and only 1 class of year 10 students taking the BTEC first diploma so had lots of work ahead of me. This has given me a great kick start thanks so much!