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Geography Card Games

Country names, spatial relationships, capitals, languages, nationalities, and physical, demographic and economic data

Geographic and economic vocabulary, comparatives, dialogue practice
Reading and comparing large numbers and ordinals

LEVEL: beginner to advanced; mixed levels OK
AGES: 10 and up
GAME TIME: WAR 5-10 minutes, HOLIDAY 10-20 minutes, LINK 20-30 minutes

For players with low geographic knowledge, it is suggested that the games by played in the given order. Simplified rules are below. Detailed rules are included in the download.

GAME 1: HOLIDAY (2-5 players)
Players start at a predetermined country, draw a card, roll the dice, and move their piece that many spaces naming all the countries passed through. When the destination is reached, a new card is drawn. If a mistake is made the player returns to the last correctly named country. The other players can look at a map key to ensure countries are named correctly.

GAME 2: WAR (2 players)
Both players draw a card and declare their country. Player 1 asks a question from the question cards. If player 2 answers correctly, or has the better rank or larger number, player 2 wins and keeps both cards. Play alternates until a fixed number of rounds is completed. Questions can be chosen by the players based on their existing geographical knowledge, or in a fixed order, or randomly. A subset of the questions to be used is decided before play begins. Weaker players can only be asked level 1 questions.

GAME 3: LINK (2-5 players)
Each round consists of 2 players drawing 1 card each and declaring their countries. Player 1 asks a question as in Game 2 WAR. The winner can either keep the card they are holding or change cards with the losing player. Then both players place a piece on the map board. Play now continues with player 2 and player 3. The game ends when all the country cards have been used. Points are scored for linked countries (1 point for each contiguous country, minimum 3).

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