A simple booklet for students to explore the themes of values & empathy towards others, through looking at children in the Holocaust.


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Created: Apr 24, 2007

Updated: Feb 8, 2015

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    user avatarJazabel3 years agoreport

    Thank you for sharing!

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    user avatarGBBeany6 years agoreport

    Really great - folds into a nice little booklet and pupils really engaged with the material. Thank you!

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    Thank You. Brilliant thank you so much for sharing, willl use it with my year 9!

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    user avatarrochhiu8 years agoreport

    Very helpful. Lots to think about. Thank you very much: this will be a real help.

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    user avatarblue1179 years agoreport

    Thank you for the resource. It will bring it home really well - thanks