conditional tense in German

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I use this with students working in pairs with mini-whiteboards - the first pair with the correct translation gets 2 points, all other correct answers get 1 point, i reveal the German after all boards have gone up.

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CreatedJun 22, 2006
UpdatedApr 26, 2013

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    user avatardragonssona month agoReport

    Quite useful as a revision for conditional. However, you have made a massive mistake, if I may say so. Würde haben is very much incorrect. Hätte would be the correct form.

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    user avatarmissgvussa year agoReport

    I love you. This is ideal for what I am teaching - German isn't really my forte and so this was a lifesaver. Thank you.

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    vielen Dank furs Teilen!

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    user avatartriplight4 years agoReport

    This is so simple but highly effective! I love the way you have combined the conditional with verb conjugation and word order. Many, many thanks!

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    user avatarapland6 years agoReport

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