Really useful 10 min warm up activity in a Literacy lesson. Teaching children to avoid using boring words like ‘and’ ‘but’. Instead to use other connectives. I just put this up on the interactive whiteboard and so one activity a day at the beginning of my lesson and go through the examples with the children. They look at the sample questions and correct the ‘boring’ sentences. Really easy to follow. Topics also inlcuded: langauge choice; narrative texts.



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Created: Oct 19, 2009

Updated: Aug 11, 2016

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    user avatarcyclist548 months agoreport

    Very handy. Thanks

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    This looks like a really useful resource that could be used in lots of different ways thank you so much

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    user avatarcutebata year agoreport


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    I've been looking for a great resource like this for ages to boost my year 6 tutor group writing. Thanks!

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    user avatartutor85 years agoreport

    Thank you so much for sharing, a real time saver and great activity.