Creating Videos From Storyboards, Hardware and Software, to Special Effects

'Supplementary' lessons, or starters to get your students investigating and analysing free resources for the media of filming.
--The links to the resources are for open source and free software.
--With some great free lessons for students.
--An introduction, key words and 6 supplementary free resource links for your own lesson plans for teaching how to create videos for free!
You could use these for Media, ICT, or Digital Technology Courses or as resources for your planned lessons.
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Many more on the same subject and others
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  • Lesson-3-Creating-embedding-sharing-commenting.docx
  • Lesson-4-using-music-and-audio-andcognitive-load.docx
  • Lesson-5-special-effects.docx
  • Lesson-6-Greenscreen-SCORM-Research.docx

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Created: Oct 10, 2016

Updated: Feb 22, 2018

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