DAILY GRAMMAR & VOCABULARY PROGRAM - 10th Grade - Standards Based – Unit 1
This Common Core aligned DAILY GRAMMAR & VOCABULARY PROGRAM Lesson comes with an entertaining PowerPoint Presentation section, interactive Student Worksheets, Student Assessments, and detailed Lesson Plans.

Grammar on the Go! 10th Grade tells the story of a typical student’s school experience from the first day of sixth grade until the day before summer vacation. Along the way, the student makes new friends, finds new interests, and battles with homework, PE, lockers, and other dilemmas faced by middle school students. The story is a fun look at middle school, told from the perspective of a 10th grader.


Included in Unit 1 Grammar and Vocabulary Program are:

Grammar and Vocabulary Lesson Plan which includes:

• Common Core State Standards Indicated on Lesson Plan
• Instructional Focus
• Instructional Procedures
• Objectives/Goals
• Direct Instruction
• Guided Practice
• Enrichment
• Differentiation
• I Can Statement
• Essential Question
• ESE Strategies
• ELL Strategies

Grammar and Vocabulary Student Worksheet which includes:

• Sentences from the PowerPoints with space for notations for corrections
• Vocabulary Section

Grammar and Vocabulary Unit Assessment which includes:

• Identification of various grammar concepts studied for each sentence
• 5 new sentences in the story to correct
• Vocabulary - type of vocabulary assessment changes for each unit
• Answer Key

10 Grammar and Vocabulary PowerPoint Lessons which include:

• Slide with sentence needing correction
• Slide with corrected sentence – including identification of the correction
• Identification of sentence types
• Slides for every element that was corrected in the sentence with color coded examples of how the sentence was corrected
• Vocabulary Slide – including definition, part of speech, and visual graphic


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