Division homework help for parents

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Handy to send home with homework so parents know how to set the work out that the children have been doing in class.


  • dividsion 1 chunking.doc
  • division 2 chunking.doc
  • division 3 chunking.doc
  • division 3 using partitioning.doc
  • division 4 chunking.doc
  • division 4a chunking.doc

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4 Reviews

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    user avatarjoe24 years agoreport

    Brilliant resource, thank you so very much!

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    user avatarJFawley4 years agoreport

    This is exactly what I was looking for, thank you so much!

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    user avatarmrvman5 years agoreport

    brilliant - thanks so much, clearly a lot of time and effort went into this. I may ask a cheeky favour and ask if i could send this to some of the parents at my school whose children struggle with number work!

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    user avatarflynny695 years agoreport

    Thought I'd quickly do a search on here before I made my own. Extremely useful! Particularly because they're differentiated for different age ranges. Thank you!