Drugs (PSHE/Citizenship)

A range of resources for drug awareness. First half is a ppt show. The second half are for laminating to use as an information relay game (ask pupils to get in teams and each member has 30 secs to memorise info and take back to group) and also the 'streetwise' matching game as seen on Teacher TV. (I laminated the cards back to back with the Talk to Frank info in case pupils needed to make a note)


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  • coop098 months agoReport

    Thank you, very easy to understand and deliver.

  • bn13 years agoReport

    Clear and concise, very easy to follow.

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  • salmah6 years agoReport

    thanks. Looking for a presentation at late notice for a durg presentation lesson - really great as a base.Thanks!

  • Deltaflyer6 years agoReport

    Clear and to the point. There are some good, clear and usefully pitched ideas here.