A set of resources for teaching energy aimed at upper primary or early secondary.

Lesson 1 covers: What is Energy? Why is it important? Different forms of Energy

Lesson 2 covers: Energy conservation and transformation/transfer of energy

There is an activity where pupils match energy examples to the form of energy and a worksheet for pupils to make their own transformation/transfer pathways.

You might find the following documents useful to support your understanding of how energy works:






  • 2-Energy-Lesson-2-Transfer---Transformation.pptx
  • Energy-Sorting-Activity.ppt
  • Energy-Transformation-Pathways.ppt
  • 1-Energy-Lesson-1-Forms-of-Energy.pptx

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6 Reviews

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    user avatarCarolinNZ2 months agoreport

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    user avatarjcs1853 months agoreport

    Lots of varied resources, but usefulness now limited because the language we use to teach energy at KS3 & 4 has changed radically - e.g. sources and pathways, not types, sound and light are mechanical and radiation pathways, etc., etc.

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    An excellent resource. It is just what I was looking for - thank you!

    • user avatarpaultylerReply from Author6 months ago

      Thanks very much - I hope you enjoy using the resource.

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    user avatarienota year agoreport

    Great activities and very clear powerpoints! Thanks!

    • user avatarpaultylerReply from Author6 months ago

      Thanks for the review - I hope you enjoyed using the resources with your class.

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    user avatarChifutoa year agoreport

    Just what I needed. Bless you!

    • user avatarpaultylerReply from Authora year ago

      No problem, I hope you enjoyed using the resources with your pupils :-)