A set of resources for teaching energy aimed at upper primary or early secondary.

Lesson 1 covers: What is Energy? Why is it important? Different forms of Energy

Lesson 2 covers: Energy conservation and transformation/transfer of energy

There is an activity where pupils match energy examples to the form of energy and a worksheet for pupils to make their own transformation/transfer pathways.

You might find the following documents useful to support your understanding of how energy works:






  • 2-Energy-Lesson-2-Transfer---Transformation.pptx
  • Energy-Sorting-Activity.ppt
  • Energy-Transformation-Pathways.ppt
  • 1-Energy-Lesson-1-Forms-of-Energy.pptx

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6 Reviews

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    user avatarCarolinNZ6 months agoreport

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    user avatarjcs1857 months agoreport

    Lots of varied resources, but usefulness now limited because the language we use to teach energy at KS3 & 4 has changed radically - e.g. sources and pathways, not types, sound and light are mechanical and radiation pathways, etc., etc.

    • user avatarpaultylerReply from Author4 months ago

      Thanks for the comment, and you're spot on. There is an update coming when I get time. The resources were developed to use in primary schools predominantly at KS2 where talking about types of energy helps pupils (and teachers) understand the basic concepts before moving on to sources/pathways. But your point is very valid and I'll get working on an update - cheers

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    user avatarfuller_kirsty10 months agoreport

    An excellent resource. It is just what I was looking for - thank you!

    • user avatarpaultylerReply from Author10 months ago

      Thanks very much - I hope you enjoy using the resource.

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    user avatarienota year agoreport

    Great activities and very clear powerpoints! Thanks!

    • user avatarpaultylerReply from Author10 months ago

      Thanks for the review - I hope you enjoyed using the resources with your class.

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    user avatarChifuto2 years agoreport

    Just what I needed. Bless you!

    • user avatarpaultylerReply from Author2 years ago

      No problem, I hope you enjoyed using the resources with your pupils :-)