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This is a detailed 172 page powerpoint resource I made for myself during my A-levels that helped me get an A*.
I added to it at the end of each lesson/topic, cross-referencing between my notes, the textbook, revision guides and most importantly each point of the specification ; I also updated it with any details from marks I’d missed on tests.
Great to go through to better understand topics, as print-outs for revision posters or to review entire modules for the exams or mocks.

It covers all topics for the NEW A-level OCR specification detailed below and at http://www.ocr.org.uk/Images/171720-specification-accredited-a-level-gce-chemistry-a-h432.pdf
Knowledge of the required practicals and practical skills
• Atoms, compounds, molecules and equations Amount of substance
• Acid–base and redox reactions
• Electrons, bonding and structure
• The periodic table and periodicity
• Group 2 and the halogens
• Qualitative analysis
• Enthalpy changes
• Reaction rates and equilibrium (qualitative)
• Basic concepts
• Hydrocarbons
• Alcohols and haloalkanes
• Organic synthesis
• Analytical techniques (IR and MS)
• Reaction rates and equilibrium (quantitative) • pH and buffers
• Enthalpy, entropy and free energy
• Redox and electrode potentials
• Transition elements
• Aromatic compounds
• Carbonyl compounds
• Carboxylic acids and esters
• Nitrogen compounds Polymers
• Organic synthesis
• Chromatography and spectroscopy (NMR)



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2 months ago

I mean this is absolutely amazing... Thanks so much!!!!


4 months ago

An excellent resource! Definitely worth the money. Will be sharing this with my students.


5 months ago

Fantastic resource - will be sharing with all my students


5 months ago


6 months ago

For those wondering if this is worth the money, absolutely. I appreciate the time and effort you put into this, great resource.

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