Expo 4 module 6 il faut bosser au boulot jobs

A powerpoint introducing jobs/ careers vocabulary in terms of WHO USES THIS? (tools or items used by each job). Can be used for EXPO 4 MODULE 6. A few little games to consolidate the vocab... oxo game, flying images, slow reveal, short spelling plenary. Can be adapted as needed. Please do leave a comment. MERCI!


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  • NoraGannon7 months agoReport

  • MiraJ2 years agoReport

    Excellent presentation and variety of tasks - thank you for your time and expertise!!

  • Jamaique6 years agoReport

    fantastique! the kids loved the who uses this, slides, did it in pairs with whiteboard as a racing game. it was great.

  • smmorgan216 years agoReport

    Sorry but. Am sure you spent a lot of time on this so perhaps it might have been worth asking a colleague to glance over it.You could have therefore avoided the spelling error in mecanicien-there is no h after the c. Hope this doesn't sound churlish .

Jul 7, 2010
Jan 16, 2014

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