This is a Handbook I put together to support in our developing FS Unit. We have used it during FS staff meetings and to support new teachers and TA's joining us. I am not suggesting this is the only, or perfect, way to do things but it is working for us. We review and tweak it often.


  • Early Years Foundation Stage Handbook (entire).doc
  • EYFS Policy Feb 2010.doc

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    user avatarOpemi3 years agoreport

    Gracia. Thanks for sharing you hard work.

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    Thanks. Thanks for all your hard work. Looks great. Could I echo the last poster and ask you to post the appendices too? Cheeky I know!!!

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    user avatarRainbowe7 years agoreport

    Appendices. This is a great starting point and thank you for taking the time to upload it. However, is there any chance you could include the appendices too, as I think lots of people may find them useful.

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    EYFS Handbook. Thank you for making this available. We are currently developing a second FSU to enable our good practice to be extended. This will help to guide and focus our discussions over the coming weeks.

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    Handbook. Thats a very thorough handbook and very helpful to look at.