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UPDATED - please ignore comment below! There was an error in saving file changes so some French appeared in first document, but now it is fully in SPANISH! I translated this into Spanish from a template created by user tafkam. I'll use it with Year 7 as a summative account of what they learn in the first few Spanish lessons they have and will use as a revision activity/level assessor for Year 8 upwards. Easily differentiated!

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CreatedAug 26, 2011
UpdatedAug 28, 2014

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    user avataradgreen710 months agoReport

    Will use this as a dialogue with pupils- really well set out, cheers!

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    user avatarrvczr2 years agoReport

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    I've been working on creating one of these for ages - it was nowhere near the standard of yours! Thanks so much for sharing

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    user avatarapuermo4 years agoReport

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    user avatarPWhyte5 years agoReport

    Thank you for this it has saved me lots of time!

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