Contains some combinatoric-esque starter puzzles, and covers the whole GCSE syllabus, including mutually exclusive and independent events, experimental versus theoretical probability, probability trees (including algebraic probabilities) and sampling with and without replacement. Comes with two worksheets.


  • GCSE-Probability.pptx
  • GCSE-ProbabilityTreesWorksheet.docx
  • GCSERevision-Probability.docx
  • QQQ-GCSE-Probability.docx
  • QQQ-GCSEProbability-Alternative.docx

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7 Reviews

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    user avatar12323 months agoreport

    Fantastic resource. Thank you

  • 5
    user avatarSaood6 months agoreport

  • 5Recommended
    user avatarcolm14057 months agoreport

    This challenging series of lessons covers every little twist and turn imaginable on tree diagrams, including those involving algebra in the style of the now infamous Hannah’s Sweets GCSE example from a few years ago. If your students survive this, they will be tree diagram masters!

  • 5
    user avatarihsojt602 years agoreport

    Thanks for sharing - everything in one place and lots of challenge questions.

  • 5

    Thanks a lot... Great resources...