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A log sheet with activities for children to work through independently during guided reading. Worked very well with my year 6 class! Can be modified for younger children by removing/changing activities.

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Guided Reading Activity Log Sheet

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CreatedSep 5, 2010
UpdatedNov 1, 2014

84 Reviews

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    user avataralixgravel3 months agoReport

    Great for independent activities while I work with reading groups.

  • 4
    user avatarPlug5 months agoReport

    Some excellent ideas and nice format.

  • 5
    user avatarvaldragon6 months agoReport

    Thank you, this has
    some brilliant ideas in it!!!

  • 5
    user avatarjab2916 months agoReport

    This is exactly what I was looking for, thank you!

  • 5
    user avatarCharleei6 months agoReport

    Thanks so much for sharing! This is great.

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