I copied and pasted everyone’s ideas from three discussion threads on which songs we can use to try to inspire kids. It’s a numbered list which will hopefully make it easier to go down bit by bit, investigating and adding to our repertoire. Thank you to all the great people who contributed, whose ideas are here but whose names aren’t- please don’t take offence at this- just accept a massive thank you from me and everyone else who is inspired by you.


  • French music.doc
  • German songs.doc

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Created: Sep 2, 2009

Updated: Oct 5, 2012

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    Vielen Dank for this. Lots I didn't know and fits in perfectly with my end of term topic on music. Thanks.

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    Thank you for sharing. A little late possibly for Lara mfl 05 - but another option for downloading youtube videos is zamzar.com.