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This is a template I made several years ago and is not up to Ofsted standards (in my opinion). Please download and use if you wish but I will upload a much better (and Ofsted friendly) one soon. James

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Lesson plan


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CreatedFeb 10, 2008
UpdatedDec 10, 2013

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    great help thanks

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    user avatarHoney Loop2 years agoReport

    Works for me! Thanks

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    user avatarAnneob3 years agoReport

    Was directed to this when reading tes article, 29 Nov 2013, by Mike Gershon. Intending to use it as starting point, along with article, to prompt healthy and productive reflection and discussion around purposeful planning. Thank you.

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    Easy to understand, clearly laid out, covers all it should!! Used it for my first lesson observation in donkey's years (been doing supply since Noah went on a boat trip...)... got an "Outstanding"!! Thanks!

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    Thank you it's just what a needed

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