Levelled Fiction and Non-fiction writing checklists - Level 2A - 5C

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This is usually give to pupils as a self-assessment tool. They are given the sub-level above where they are currently. You can then choose to focus on a particular area or ask children to do all the sections. There is a space for pupils to check and a space for Teacher assessment. Topics also included: assessment.


  • Level_2A_-_Fiction_and_Non-fiction_checklists.doc
  • Level_3C_-_Fiction_and_Non-fiction_checklists.doc
  • Level_3B_-_Fiction_and_Non-fiction_checklists.doc
  • Level_3A_-_Fiction_and_Non-fiction_checklists.doc
  • Level_4C_-_Fiction_and_Non-fiction_checklists.doc
  • Level_4B_-_Fiction_and_Non-fiction_checklists.doc
  • Level_4A_-_Fiction_and_Non-fiction_checklists.doc
  • Level_5C_-_Fiction_and_Non-fiction_checklists.doc

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