Literacy KS2 - guided reading and activites

These resources meet all the Literacy Learning Objectives for years 3-5. They contain letters from the author, guided reading questions, and classroom activities based around the ‘Richard and Judy’ children’s book The Girl with the Broken Wing. Designed by teacher Nicola Austen, they are easy to use and will get children exploring the deeper themes within the story.


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  • Just what I need - thanks for sharing.

  • lalala567a year agoReport

    An fantastic resource to share. Thank You!

  • lepa2 years agoReport

    What an excellent resource to share! I am very grateful for this. I don't have the book but I will find it as it sounds so interesting. More grease to your elbow.

  • Jumababu2 years agoReport

    Superb resource. Thank you so much

  • vodavic3 years agoReport

    Fabulous resources - Thank you so much - I love this book and now I can do even more with it!