Mesopotamian Puzzler!
Want a fun activity to review vocabulary terms for a unit on ancient ancient Mesopotamia? Looking for an enrichment activity in history? Try my Ancient Mesopotamia Puzzler activity. The activity involves students working individually or in groups to review vocabulary terms on Mesopotamia. Then,a following direction activity is next where students place letters from the different terms into boxes found at the end of the activity page. Once all the boxes are filled, a "secret message" about Mesopotamia is revealed! The teacher page includes additional information to share about the "secret message". If you prefer to offer a vocabulary box, I have included this as well.

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Mesopotamia, means “Land between Two Rivers”.This area is called the cradle of civilization and is where archaeologists have found the remains of the oldest historic people(dating back around 3000BC)People called the Sumerians, Babylonians, Chaldeans, Akkadians and Assyrians, all called the region of Mesopotamia home. These people left behind many ideas which we still have in our world today. This unit of study includes notes, map work, a webquest, activities and resources to help you teach your students about the people of Mesopotamia. Mesopotamia, First Historic People

Check out this fun/informative Reader's Theater Script on Hammurabi, one of the greatest lawmakers in history. Great for reading for purpose and developing reading fluency. The play includes comprehension questions, Did You Know Fun Facts, a teachers's page with extension activities and links. Interviews with Ancient History(Book of 20 biographical plays on famous people in ancient history)

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Let's Learn about the Phoenicians!



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