Microorganisms planning and resources Year 6

Amongst others, main LOs are: I know that there are very small organisms called micro-organisms which can be harmful I know that some micro-organisms can cause common illnesses I know that micro-organisms bring about decay. I know that micro-organisms feed and grow. I know that food needs to be handled and stored with care. I know that micro-organisms are useful in food production. I can explain conclusions using scientific knowledge and understanding


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    Very useful, thank you!

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    Thanking you

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    Thank you for this.
    One mistake on the illnesses to match... I think it's not Psoriasis but a similarly named skin disease caused by a fungal infection called Pityriasis versicolour.

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    Great thanks...was wondering if you had the sheets for the first session as requested by tweed87?
    Saved me lots of time!