Muslim attitudes to capital punishment

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thanks to TES the gap fill starter I found on TES and incorporated it into my lesson. This is for edexcel and you will need to put in the Learning Objectives, because I have just realised I haven't... enjoy and please leave feed back thanks


  • L7 – year 11 What are Muslim views on capital.pptx
  • L7 starter christians and capital punishment Gap_Filler.docx
  • L7 year 11 Muslim attitudes to capital punishment.docx
  • L7 year 11 Muslim quotes to support the use of capital punishment.docx

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    user avatarpetesaul7 months agoreport

    These are exceptionally good - you have saved me such a lot of time, as this is not my subject-specialism. Thanks for sharing!

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    user avatarWardRC3 years agoreport

    Superb resources! Really detailed! Thank you!

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    user avatarJodiP4 years agoreport

    Some good material - I really like the starter sheet, I have used it for a hw

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    user avatarconkerlass4 years agoreport

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    user avatarjohnboy224 years agoreport

    This is very good - cant wait to try it out with my classes. By the way - how do you get the timers on? They look fab!!