Mythology Unit Test for High School
This test measures comprehension of concepts pertaining to various primitive and classical world mythologies. Greek, Egyptian, Norse, Japanese, and Native American mythologies are the focus of this assessment specifically. The test features a total of 30 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions. The corresponding answer key is included.

● Cronus and his children
● Zeus’s background (birth; location; main duty; taking away a gift man loved most; how he won Hera’s affections)
● The story of Prometheus
● Demeter
● Hades
● Ares
● Pandora's origin story and its significance
● Hera’s main duties
● Athena, Arachne, and the weaving contest
● The story of Zeus and Io
● The origin story of Aphrodite
● “Spider Woman” (culture; SW’s role; Tawa’s role; their division; One Mighty Thought; material used to create living things; duties of men and women)
● “The Nine Worlds” (culture; Yggdrasil; Ragnarok; the trumpet belonging to Heimdall, the guardian of Asgard)
● “Izanagi & Izanami” (culture; Yomi)
● Purposes of mythology
● Differences between primitive and classical mythologies (purposes and characteristics)


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