Planning and teaching the Perfect OFSTED lesson

This is a guide that I have compiled based on training and reading I have received on how to teach the Perfect (OFSTED) lesson. It is based on Marcella McCarthy's spider strategy which helps you remember the 6 basic requirements of an outstanding OFSTED lesson and i have also included advice, theory, strategy and possible activiities and guidance from Jackie Beere, Phil Beadle and Robert Powell. The idea is that it could be used for training but also just to inform you on how to plan better in case of an observation/inspection. (An accompanying PPT to follow!)


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  • s1taylor125 days agoReport

    Excellent resource

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  • The doctor6 months agoReport

    fantastic resource thank-you!

  • fishtail8 months agoReport

    There's now a book about the spider strategy, with some good hints and details that expand on this, if you're interested.

  • abiolakudumi10 months agoReport

    very helpful. Thanks.