Poetry - Pattern and Rhyme Poem - Year One activity

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This is a poem that I have jumbled up. I printed the poem and cut each line into strips. In pairs the children then had to arrange the poem into rhyming couplets, identifying the rhyming word. As an extention children can write their own 2 lines for the poem. I have included the orginal poem so that you can share this with your class in the plenary.

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CreatedMar 3, 2009
UpdatedOct 8, 2014

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    user avatarmccreay0a month agoReport

    Just what i was looking for to introduce a unit on poetry. Thank you.

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    user avatarGunner79113 months agoReport

    Very helpful - Thank you!

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    user avatarEmKatea year agoReport

    Brilliant! Thanks :)

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    user avatardarkersa year agoReport

    Thank you for sharing a great resource!

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    Super, thanks. The following day, my children are going to practise changing verbs into the present participle, by changing all the verbs in the poem. It's perfect!

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