I've started to create comprehension sheets to go with our new guided reading scheme, along the same lines as my other uploaded ones for Oxford Reading Tree that seem quite popular. I&'ll upload others as I make them.


  • Animal Magic.doc
  • Go Away Molly.doc
  • Hide and cheat.doc
  • Jamie and the Chameleon.doc
  • The Race.doc
  • Tiger's Discovery.doc
  • What a Waste.doc
  • Where's Woody.doc
  • george's bright idea.doc
  • Mr Grim's Tower.doc
  • Blackbeard's Ship.doc
  • Nasty Nate's Pirate Adventure.doc
  • Shiver Me Timbers.doc
  • Sandcastle.doc
  • A Wild Ride.doc
  • The Thing in the Cupboard.doc

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