Race around the clock times tables

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A worksheet that can be used to test times tables. The children write whatever times table they are doing (4x, 8x etc) in the star in the middle of the sheet and times the number on the outside of the track by that number. They then write the answers of the times table in the boxes in the inside of the track. Lower ability children can be asked to +2, +4 etc to the number on the outside of the track instead of completing times tables. Give children 2 or 3 minutes to complete the race. Photocopy back to back and ask higher ability children to complete both sides. I made this worksheet during a teaching practice with Year 3 - it works well.

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CreatedOct 14, 2006
UpdatedNov 27, 2014

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    user avatarPepGreen2 months agoReport

    Brilliant activity for times tables practice or testing. Differentiated. Thank you!

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    user avatarctes2 months agoReport


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    user avatarh3len2 months agoReport

    Lovely game for the end of term to consolidate learning.

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    user avataremmarizi3 months agoReport

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    user avatarMiss-Becky5 months agoReport

    The children found it fun and easy to understand, and I like it because I only have to print one type of sheet and the children can adapt it to the times table they are currently learning! Thanks for sharing.

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