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This activity is mainly an introduction of Constant Rate of Change with y intercept in y = mx + b form. Students observe two different equations of two lines to learn the concept of slope. The second activity (revised from my previous Two-Robot cases) concentrate on concept of y intercept - Align on CCSS 8.EE.5 and 8.F.5 but can be used on higher grade levels. The first page of plotting points and questions can serve as informal assessment in order to know your entire students the first day to make adjustment on teaching. On mini quiz of "Real Life..." file covers (f+g)(x) in #4 & 5
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3 years ago

I am an old man of 76 who misbehaved at school during Algerbra lessons, and am now trying to learn about quadratics, linear equations, radicals etc, Your information helped me a lot and found it easy to understand. Advice - just slow down a bit for the old guys, as I had to freeze the lessons to catch up. Also, explain the wee tricky bits where you do this and that to enable the problems to progress i.e. the arithmetical "devices" that mathematicians have developed to move working along faster.

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