The Riemann Zeta Club is an enrichment maths club for Lower Sixth Formers, aimed as preparation for the Maths Challenge, Maths Olympiad and Oxbridge entry.
This chapter covers divisibility, modular arithmetic, digit problems, Diophantine Equations and general theory concerning the integers.


  • RZC-Chp2-NumberTheory-Slides.pptx
  • RZC-NumberTheory-Worksheet1.docx
  • RZC-NumberTheory-Worksheet2.docx
  • RZC-NumberTheory-Worksheet3.docx
  • RZC-NumberTheory-Worksheet4.docx

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    Excellent for having fun with Maths!

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    If you want to go to Cambridge Oxford Imperial College or Warwick to read maths. This is what you need apply for a place

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    Brilliant resource. Thanks for sharing