Rural-to-urban migration, push and pull factors

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Rural-to-urban migration, push and pull factors using an examples from Brazil. I've used someone else's original idea and added a peer assessment and self assessment element plus adapted ppt. This should include: ppt leaflet lesson outline card sort

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CreatedMar 4, 2009
UpdatedJul 6, 2014

26 Reviews

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    user avatarfreckle064 days agoReport

    Great - thank you. I like the animations, it's very clear and straightforward.

  • 4
    user avatarvidya_apl2 months agoReport

    Great.Thank You..

  • 5
    user avatarkpasek2 months agoReport

    Thank you for sharing, it has a lot of great teaching ideas that I am going to use in my lessons from now. Thank you so much.

  • 5
    user avataryanpay2 years agoReport

    An extremely well thought out way to encourage learning this part of the topic faster. Thanks

  • 5
    user avatarzarrtara162 years agoReport

    Very detailed lesson plan and a great resource. Thanks for sharing.

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