Science week 2013 posters and quiz

A set of 10 posters to support science week 2013 theme of invention and discovery. Each poster has a qr code to take pupils to a link to help answer the questions for the quiz/challenge. The answers can also just be found on the internet. I am planning to run it as a quiz/challenge where the posters will be displayed around the school for the pupils to find and complete the challenge sheet in order to win an Easter egg


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    user avatarghortop2 years agoReport

    A great idea - much appreciated!

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    user avatarTRJ3 years agoReport

    Lovely stuff

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    user avataralessio3 years agoReport

    Great set of displays. I love the QR codes for quick access to information available to learners. Thanks for sharing.

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    user avatarn225652773 years agoReport

    great, just found it a bit late for this year, but might use them in a display. thanks for sharing