Worksheet tasks to create a simple maze / track game using Scratch software. Used for late KS2, but could be used for early KS3. Used in a computer club with ten pupils. Took the average about 2 x 30 mins to complete. When completed a working track is created. The follow on to this is to ask reception / KS1 pupils to play the games and make comments on how they can be improved / made more easier / difficult. This gives soicial interaction with the two year groups.



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Created: May 9, 2009

Updated: Nov 13, 2014

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    user avatarmwcousins3 months agoreport

    Excellent resource - will use as a starting point for my bottom set Year 7s

  • 4
    user avatarcatsealy9 months agoreport

    Really usefull resource, I will use it and see how it goes Thanks :)

  • 5
    user avatarbevriva year agoreport

    Thanks so much- I had no idea where to start with all this! I'm hoping my Year 4s will manage to cope with this (they'll probably be better than me!)

  • 5
    user avatarmfurnissa year agoreport

    Excellent research. Thank you.