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Earthquakes. It includes the lesson aims (for several lessons) and 17 slides of the effects of earthquakes, types of wave, the Richter scale, how the waves travel through the body of the earth, seismograph trace and map showing the triangulation of the epicentre.

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CreatedMar 3, 2007
UpdatedJun 30, 2014

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    user avatardcamero33 months agoReport

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    user avataralisonwala year agoReport

    Thanks for sharing

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    user avataromcdonnell2 years agoReport

    I agree with Rowan. The pictures are actually poor as well.

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    user avatarrs0073 years agoReport

    I am not too sure what this is supposed to be. As a lesson it lacks Blooms and graded objectives and therefore students have absolutely no way of checking their progress. There are no activities included. Overall this is very poor.

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    user avataremmaushead4 years agoReport

    Thanks for this, it looks great.