Sentence Openers Collection for KS1 and KS2

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Ros Wilson Levels - Sentence Opener Cards - Next one in the set. Can be used for displays/fans/word collections/booklets - outlines show the different levels following the pyramid. Font used is GROBOLD - free on the internet. The other 2 will follow shortly :o)

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CreatedAug 25, 2006
UpdatedDec 4, 2014

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    user avatarcathywood3 years agoReport

    Thank you - I am going to cut these out and put in a hat in the middle of the table for my HA writers to choose a sentence opener and write a sentence beginning with that!

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    user avatarsustratue4 years agoReport

    Thanks for sharing.

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    user avatarctes4 years agoReport

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    user avatarRocky194 years agoReport

    Thanks very much for sharing. This will save me a lot of time and will be very useful.

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