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Adapted a couple of other people’s resources to make big presentation on the famil for my year 8s using the Simpsons as a model. The kids loved this! And it was a sneaky way to introduce some grammar without them realizing it!

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CreatedJan 6, 2008
UpdatedJan 27, 2013

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    Tres bien , merci!

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    user avatarheleneh334 years agoReport

    I wanted to make a resource linking definite articles and possessive adjectives and I found yours, so thank you for saving me lots of time!

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    Merci bien! Fantastique!

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    user avatarcabdrabo7 years agoReport

    Merci mille fois. My French 1 classes loved it!!

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    user avatarveg7 years agoReport

    A great resource. Thanks for saving me loads of time. My Y8 class should find the mon, ma, mes family topic much more interesting now!

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