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Spanish Final Exam Study Guide & General Reference - 30+ Topics! - This study guide and reference contains 30 numbered topics, plus several others that are sprinkled in wherever there is space for another helpful topic. Most items contain both explanations and examples, and several contain easy to remember mnemonics. This item is great for Spanish I and II students, but also a very good review for upper level students. Topics included are:

1. List of common vocabulary topics that should be reviewed
2. Present tense verbs (verb endings, regular, irregular and stem change)
3. Present progressive
4. Preterit regular verbs
5. Preterit irregular verbs including "sole" verbs and car/gar/zar verbs
6. Direct and indirect object pronouns
7. Reflexive verbs
8. Possessive adjectives
9. Personal "a"
10. Demonstrative adjectives
11. Negative sentences
12. Regular and irregular informal affirmative commands
13. Doler
14. Tener que + infinitive
14a.Possessive de
15. Numbers
15a.Tener idioms
16. Cuanto cuesta/n
17. Equal and Unequal comparisons
18. Prepositions of location
19. Interrogatives
20. Weather & seasons
21. Time
22. Calendar - months, days, adverbs of time
23. Saber & Conocer
23a.Plurals and adjective agreement
24. Deber + infinitive
25. Ir a + infinitive
26. Con + subject pronouns
27. Imperfect - includes full conjugations of the 3 irregulars, conjugations of 1 AR and 1 ER/IR verb, a rhyme to remember difference between preterit and imperfect uses AND an acronym for imperfect uses.
28. Gustar verbs
29. Acabar de + infinitive
30. Por and Para acronyms

This item will assist with in class group review and as a handout it will be a valuable reference for your students now and in the future.

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