Tax Facts: A simple introduction to taxation for 14 to 17 year olds: how public money is raised and spent; the tax implications of starting your first job or becoming self-employed; and the 'hidden economy'.
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Created: Jul 10, 2015

Updated: Jul 24, 2015

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11 Reviews

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    user avatarHilaryD316 months agoreport

    Have used this very successfully with small groups of students. It is a really useful way to open up discussions about taxes, starting a job or other things that my Year 11 students have asked me about 'real life'.

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    user avatarsmunoz_gab8 months agoreport

    Nice and useful

  • 5
    user avatarnedgleya year agoreport

    A useful resource.

  • 5
    user avatarjokotade2 years agoreport

    Many thanks the resources was very useful