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In the first term at Key Stage 1, many children have problems with place value. Springfield School, Jersey reveals a pioneering method of teaching hundreds, tens and units to primary children.

As part of the KS1 Numeracy series, the teachers identify, for example, 2,000 as a numeral two, followed by the word ‘thousand’. Children add this technique to their 'maths stories'.

They do the same with hundreds, working up to tens, using the word ‘ty’ and words are adjusted without obscuring the logic of the maths. Twenty one is ‘two ty one’ and thirty two is ‘three ty two’.

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CreatedJun 20, 2007
UpdatedMay 16, 2013

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    user avatarmusickaren4 years agoReport

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    user avatarShamishca5 years agoReport

    Very good and imaginative and helps children with difficulties in math

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    Brilliant imagination used, wonderful idea. Great work people, keep it up.

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    the physical movement of cups at the outset and the physical involvement of the children, especially for the 'doer' out infront all seem key to the success of this approach...and brilliantly multisensory for all of them.....fascinating

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    user avatarlynnbolton6 years agoReport