End-of-term/ end-of-tether worksheet showing German’s remarkable capacity to make compound nouns out of virtually nothing.


  • The_fascinating_world_of_German_compound_nouns_and_their_etymology.doc

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    user avatarekglover4 years agoreport

    looking for nice resources for last lesson on Friday - danke

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    Great stuff!

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    AMAZING. loved it

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    user avatarleptir1095 years agoreport

    This is great - I'm sure others have spotted this, but we went on to form: Handwriting Handball Vet Mulled (Glowing) wine sore throat headscarf wrist slipper Which was a great way to finish! Thanks again!

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    Brilliant resource. We have used it with top set year 8, 9 and 10 as part of a language awareness exercise. I have never had students so engrossed in dictionary work.