A PowerPoint and 3 different activities relating to the menstrual cycle.

I used these over 2 lessons:

- In the first lesson, I printed off slides from the PowerPoint and pinned them up around the room. Students used this info to label the menstrual cycle diagram on the worksheet.

- In the second lesson, I used the quiz as a starter and students sorted the cards into 3 columns for FSH, LH and oestrogen, to revise the function of each hormone.

Designed for AQA GCSE Science A / GCSE Biology.


  • The Menstrual Cycle worksheet.docx
  • Menstrual cycle card sort.docx
  • Menstrual cycle quiz.docx
  • Menstrual cycle.ppt

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    user avatartdr863 months agoreport

    Superb set of resources - will be excellent for use with my Yr11's next academic year. Thanks!

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    user avatarK.Hawkins8 months agoreport


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    user avatarazucenaa year agoreport

    Hi there,

    I teach EAL and I'm looking to use this as support for those taking GCSE Bio. Could anyone tell me the answers to the card task? Please :)

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    user avatarSJMURR2 years agoreport

    Brilliant, thanks!