Top summer holiday activities for primary

Sian Evans
19th July 2017
primary school book outdoors during summer holidays

Imaginative challenges, activity packs and creative ideas to stimulate summer learning

School’s out for summer, but that doesn’t mean that children stop learning! Whether they are experiencing natural learning environments or understanding more about the world by taking part in fun, engaging challenges, there are always opportunities to develop skills that they have learnt over the academic year.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out this hand-picked selection of activities and share them with your class today.

  1. Summer reading challenge
    Keep up children’s enthusiasm for reading and occupy their imaginations over the long break using this progress chart and accompanying activities.
  2. Dream holiday design task 
    Pupils can turn fantasies about a dream holiday into a creative writing and drawing exercise with this simple booklet, or use it to research an upcoming family holiday.
  3. Summer writing task cards 
    Inspire future authors with these writing prompts, which encourage avid scribblers to think about a range of topics and produce a selection of short stories.
  4. Holiday activity pack 
    From word searches to quick-fire maths challenges, this resource pack can keep children entertained on rainy summer days while inadvertently practising key skills.
  5. Create an animal footprint tracker 
    Nature-mad pupils will love this step-by-step activity, in which they take pictures of any animal footprints they discover in their garden.
  6. Cookery cards 
    With the help of an adult, children can tackle these straightforward recipes and learn about measurements, timings and ingredients while baking tasty treats!

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Summer Reading Challenge

A super reading challenge to keep children engaged with their reading books over the long holiday. A full set of instructions, 48 different activities to try, from redesigning the book's cover, to making a den and reading in it.
Also included is a bar chart to help the children log their progress (every activity has a points value).
All you need to do is supply some paper (and possibly a folder) encourage them to read, bribe them with a small prize and then off they go!
By smithy123

Design a Dream Holiday

End of term fun activity. Kids are able to design each stage of their own dream holiday. Could be extended to use internet and books to research their chosen destinations.
By MissDenyer

Summer Writing Task Cards

With 100 Summer Themed Prompts, these Summer Writing Task Cards will keep all students from any age range engaged and excited to write about summer. Included in this resource are both picture prompts and written prompts. These can also be used as extension work for early finishers or as a challenge to your more able students in class. They could even be sent home in the summer.
By Rachel O Donnell

Summer Holiday Activity Pack

A pack used with my KS2 students for summer homework. Contains mazes, puzzles, crosswords, wordsearches and other activities related to maths and English. Answer booklet for parents/teachers also attached.
By s1005900

Wildlife Detective: Make an animal tracker

Find out what has been out at night while you’ve been fast asleep!

Simple, fun and easy to follow instructions.

For more instructions on how to make things for investigating nature; including pond dipping nets, a pooter and a sweep net look at our web-site

Cookery Cards

For those who still value the importance of cooking with children! Three receipes whch can be laminated and used time after time. They are pictoral as well as having written instructions so are suitable for all ages.
By adele1968

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