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19th June 2020
Windrush Day 22nd June resources

Windrush Day marks the anniversary of the arrival of MV Empire Windrush at the Port of Tilbury, near London, on 22 June 1948. 

The arrival of the Empire Windrush 72 years ago marked a significant moment in Britain’s history.

After WWII, Britain invited citizens of commonwealth countries to help rebuild the country as there was a shortage of labour. The Windrush generation made enormous contributions to the country and public services, and through their descendants they continue to enrich our shared social, economic, cultural and religious life. Britain would be much diminished without their contributions.

Though the Windrush generation had the right to settle in the UK under the Nationality Act, many experienced blatant racism upon arrival, which affected their work and living arrangements. They were negatively impacted further by legislative changes to the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999, the 'hostile environment' policy 2012 that followed, and the culmination of the news of the Windrush scandal in 2018, the impact of which is still ongoing.

A staff member of Tes recently shared that Windrush was “part of my father's history, who came from Trinidad and Tobago to join his mother, along with many others. He had to fight to stay in this country only a few years ago at the risk being sent to a "home" country, risk leaving us behind, to a country that he didn’t recognise. Most interestingly, I only learnt about Windrush through my dad, my aunties and also my mother who learnt from them. If I only learned what I did in school, I would have had no idea about my heritage, and what my family before me contributed to this country. This was never taught to me as part of "British" history.”

It is of vital importance that all children and young people understand this part of British history, this black British history. 

Here are some really helpful resources we have gathered to help you understand the journey stories of the Windrush generation and the lives they lived in Britain.

A powerpoint to help explain the Windrush.

Windrush Black History Empire Brixton Immigration
By justine7


Read the poem Windrush Child by John Agard and get children’s reactions. Give brief history of SS Windrush’s journey to Britain in 1948. Children either mark the journey on a map or answer questions about photographs to do with Caribbean immigration on the Windrush.
By Hamilton Trust

Bound for Britain - Experiences of migration

This lesson and sources focus on the experiences of immigration of West Indian people to the UK between 1948-1970 including the Windrush.

By nationalarchives

Windrush Reading List

Reading list as a starting point for learning more about the Windrush Generation and their impact on British life.

By Genevieve Bent

Black History: Passengers of the Windrush

During Black History Week, my class learnt about the passengers on the Windrush who were coming to Britain from the Caribbean for better prospects. They thought about how they felt as they were leaving their homes and boarding the ship. Then they thought about what it was like for them when they arrived here. How were they greeted by the British people? I asked the children to write from the perspective of a Windrush passenger stating how they felt whilst on board the Windrush and how they felt when they arrived. My class produced some very sensitive first person pieces of writing.
By Miss Britton

The Windrush Scandal

I have created a lesson which is part based on an analysis of the Windrush passenger database and part on exploring the stories of the individuals impacted by the scandal.

This lesson has been set as a home learning activity for my Year 8 classes.

The first activity is a series of questions based on investigating the database of the passengers and then looking closely at the landing cards of the individuals headed for Wolverhampton (you may want to adapt this to make it more suitable for your local area).

The next section is looking at what the scandal was and the impact it has had. Final task includes a range of differentiated activities.

I have included links to the database and the article used both in the PowerPoint.

By Curtis Evans

The Windrush Generation - Writing Frame Page Border

A useful frame that you can use for your ‘big writes’.

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By clickandteach

Windrush starter dh

A starter activity getting pupils to think about the issues immigrants would have to consider before moving to the UK.
By ChulmleighCommunityCollege

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